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Invoice Factoring

Our usual invoice factoring fee ranges between 0.65% – 3% per 30 day period, depending on volume and your contracts with vendors. Up to $8 million monthly can be advanced to you.

Our primary concern is the strength of your company’s accounts receivable and the ability to purchase the accounts receivable free of any liens. We accomodate even the most difficult deals. We are able to help companies who, traditionally, have struggled to obtain financing. They include those with the following:

-Negative Net Worth
-Balance Sheet Issues
-Debtor Concentrations – including single debtor
-Poor History/Credit Scores or Bankruptcy
-Tax Liens (must be on an accepted payment plan with the IRS)

Upon receipt of your application and financials, we will draft a customized proposal that outlines fees and your account structure. Once we receive the signed proposal back, it takes approximately 5-7 business days to complete the underwriting and approval process.


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