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Application Submission Success

Next, be sure to supply the additional information for your desired funding product listed below:

Business Cash Advance
□ Most current 6 months of bank statements for All business accounts.  (Personal bank accounts cannot be accepted.)

Structured Loan Consolidation
□ Most current 3 months of bank statements for All business accounts.
□ Current balances (not payoff letters) on all merchant cash advances.

Invoice Factoring
□ Current Year Profit and Loss Statement
□ Current Year Balance Sheet
□ Accounts Receivable Aging Report
□ Accounts Payable Aging Report
□ Sample Invoice

Equipment Lease Financing
□ Vendor Business Name
□ Vendor Contact Name (optional):
□ Vendor Phone:
□ Vendor Address:
□ Total Cost (excluding tax)
□ Equipment Type
□ Quantity
□ Manufacturer
□ Model
□ Serial #
□ Equipment Condition (New, Used, or Reconditioned)
□ Dealer Reference /Your internal invoice/account number (if known)

Email to:  applications@timestarlenders.com (include the business name in the subject of the email. Place your name and contact number in the body of the email)

Fax to:  1-800-818-7521 (include the business name, your name, and contact number on the cover sheet.)

If during normal business hours between Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST, you will be contacted within 30 minutes.

If outside of these hours, you will be contacted at the beginning of the next business day.


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